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Let me tell you a bit about me... 

For decades, drinking was my way to go through life (the good, the bad and the ugly). True to my French nature, red wine was a part of my identity - my "best friend". It made me feel light and funny and smart.

But the truth is, I was none of those things when drinking. I always drank too much - even if I didn't intend to.  Eventually, I started to have some pretty nasty consequences.

When I realized I was drinking too much, I tried to stop, of course. I thought my drinking "bad habit" was due to lack of willpower, or trying. And so, I tried. And tried. And tried. And... I was not succeeding.

I realized my problem was not my drinking...It was my inability to stop doing so. To make matters worse, I had no information to guide me as to WHY I drank like I did; so I kept trying to quit on my own, filled with shame and self-loathing. The more shame and secrecy, the more I drank. The more I drank, the more shame. It was a really messed-up cycle. I had no clue why I did what I did. 

I thought I was a bad person needing to be good.

I did not know I was a sick person needing to get well.

That was almost10 years ago. Through a program of recovery and other tools found along the way, I got sober and changed my life completely. After five years of sobriety, I relapsed back into drinking. It would take me a couple of years to get back on track again. My relapse was my biggest gift of all. 

This non-lineal, exquisite journey of recovery has given me some personal insight I want to share with you today, so you can leverage my experience and get some hope. 

It turns out that my truth is pretty simple:

I am a person with an alcohol use disorder; which is a fancy way to say that I am an alcoholic - a person who cannot drink like normal drinkers.

Once I understood what my problem was, I could tap into the solution.

Today, I am grateful to call myself a RECOVERED ALCOHOLIC.

This means I do not have to live my life as a slave to my drinking any more. It means I do not have to go through life either drunk, hungover or anxiously needing to "tap out". 

This means I have a life free of addiction, and full of freedom and serenity. 

Today, my mission is to share openly and help those who are stuck where I was - so that they, too, can recover...and live a sober, badass life.

I am here to share my journey with you; to give you clarity, truth and hope. To give you the tools needed for you to make decisions, and claim back your life from addiction. 

I am here to drop the stigma and the shame of addiction - and invite you to do the same. 

Because life is too short to be miserable, high, drunk, hungover, anxious, in shame and in pain.

There is another way - and it starts with a simple decision only you can make. 

A decision followed by action.

And action followed by freedom.

If I could do this, you can, too.

Mucho Love,


"First, we recover. Then, we thrive."


Unfiltered. Grateful. Recovered. 



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