Let's create your plan to quit drinking (or whatever your thing is) and add a dose of "recovery badass" to your life.

You can do this. Yes, now. Especially now.




12 lessons. Over 4.5 hours worth of videos - at your own pace, from home.

Access to me via email for personal coaching advice - at no additional cost.

Nothing changes until something changes. This course launches you into ACTION.

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I bet you're tired of the guilt and shame of doing that same self-destructive thing. Over and over again. 

This chapter in history is hard as hell. Drinking or using - or having that toxic relationship - is the easiest way of feeling relief from the anxiety we are feeling. 

However, that's also the quickest way to make you feel small, caged and powerless - and feeling like that sucks. 

The 3rd glass of wine. The hidden joint. The pill that's not prescribed. The text to that person who wrecks you - every f*cking time. The mindless scrolling. The hidden porn. More booze. A line.

That thing. 

When will it stop? How can it stop? 


If your lips are saying YES (or your mind is whispering it), this course is for you. 

Remember: My job is not to convince you - this is your life. You're in charge. Nobody can do this for you.

Recovery is a personal journey - but it does not have to be a lonely one. 

If you are ready to finally get free, I am ready to do this with you.

This course helps you begin your journey today. No bullshit. No excuses. No "this is the right way". This course helps you define a course of action that will work for YOU (scroll down for course details). Hell, yeah.

Ready? Let's go.

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"Day 4 for me. I watched lesson 2 today (about the "shift") and oh my goodness...It is trickling down into my heart. I need to hear it again, my mind exploded.

I have been in and out of AA for 4 years and never in this time had I heard that sobriety could be so badass and empowering. I thought sobriety was about not drinking, and at best, being "ok" with this lifestyle. The way you present present sobriety is definitely changing the game for me. I can already tell that this course and the advice you are giving me directly is going to make a huge difference for me. 

I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time."

Charlene Pichon (student / coaching client)

Here's what you'll learn in your Coaching Course:

Over the course of 12 coaching lessons (close to five hours of video, at your own pace), we'll discuss the most important foundations: Information, inspiration and a call to action.

This course will help you define whether you are stuck in a toxic habit, or if you are dealing with an addiction. Yes, we will dismantle and empower the word "addiction". We'll take off the shame and stigma, and approach the journey with the same sober badass-sass that has helped me transform my life. 

If you are sober already, but your life feels meh and color-less, this course is also for you.

My goal? To meet you exactly where you are, giving you the tools to re-create your life through a recovery path that makes you feel empowered and joyful and nothing short of badass


1. The journey of recovery

Let's get straight on a few things: what is sobriety? What is recovery? What has recovery done for me? What could it do for you - and why is that more relevant now than ever?

2. Your mindset

We'll talk about ownership, shifting your mindset, being a better friend to yourself, and focusing on your transformation. Everything starts with your mind.

3. Toxic habit vs addiction

What is the difference between toxic habits and addictions? What does the curve of addiction look like, and where do you fall on that spectrum? Why is it so important to understand this? (hint: you approach each differently)

4. The cycle of shame

Let's get straight on a few things: what is sobriety? What is recovery? What has recovery done for me? What could it do for you? Why is it VITAL to identify and address shame from the start.

5. Making a decision to stop

We'll talk about ownership (again!) the power of making a decision and how to follow it with action. Only then do you get true transformation

6. Toxic habits: Options

Is this a toxic habit you're dealing with? Head's up my sober-curious people! Let's talk about your options for recovery, dealing with denial, and creating a game-plan of what's next for you.

7. Addictions: Options

Like me, dealing with an addiction? How is this different than a toxic habit? What are your options - so you can quit for good and all? Information + Action = Your personal game-plan, from home.

8. 12 Steps: pros & cons

How do the 12 Steps work and are they right for you? Let's break down myths and truths, shall we? We'll talk program vs fellowship, plus how to pick a meeting and sponsor (if this is the way you choose to go).

9. Ownership & boundaries

Time to talk about your feelings, your commitments, and your boundaries. The only permission you need in order to quit and change your life - is yours - nobody else's. Got it?

10. Your recovery toolkit

Content that grows you, movement that connects you, and practices that keep you grounded. Let's add 'em tools to your journey, and create a plan that addresses all of YOU.

11. Creating a plan of action

This one's big: Defining your plan and committing to it. How to plan your weeks, create a scorecard, and find a community. Ownership means being in charge of your healing - based on what will work for YOU.

12. Pride and transformation

Telling people about your sobriety, helping others, and letting recovery be the source of your transformation. Tips and tricks of a 10-year veteran (me) - to start your journey like a badass. This is the beginning of YOUR PATH. Boom.


12 lessons - at your own pace, from home. Access to me via email for personal coaching advice.

The only way to do the thing - is by doing the thing.


Who is this course for?

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You may be curiously wondering if quitting drinking (or whatever your thing is) would make your life better. Yeah, babeh, yeah.

I have concepts, ideas and new possibilities for you to explore - and step into your best life. Let's go. 

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That's my thing, and I am proud of it. Because everything good is on the other side of addiction - in recovery. I can help you get there. 

A badass life awaits - not in spite of your addiction, but because of it. Let's go

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Sobriety by itself is just abstinence - and it sucks. Recovery is a whole other thing. It's a journey of radical transformation. 

I am here to show you the way forward, so that where you are is only temporary - and you focus on moving forward. Let's go.

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My recovery from alcohol addiction has been the most magnificent journey of transformation. It’s had ups and downs, and yet it’s been perfect. I’ve struggled. I’ve grown. I’ve relapsed. I've gotten sober again and now I live a badass version of my life. Even my worst day in recovery beats my best day in addiction.

I want this for you. I want you to feel that light in the middle of your chest, telling you there is hope. I want you to ditch that toxic behavior or addiction, and start living a sober, badass life of freedom.

This work is about becoming your own hero - and I am here to teach you how. No bullshit - just practical, unfiltered experience, so you can create your own path.

"I'm not ready to buy, but send me my free coaching meditations, please"


Done. Drop me your info and check your inbox. XO - Pamela

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