Badass your Beginning:

A 30-day Coaching Meditation Series for Early Recovery

Start your sobriety with an extra dose of empowerment and hope

Early recovery is hard as hell.

I could sugar-coat it for you, but I'm committed to radical honesty. When you begin your journey of "quitting", you don't know which end is up, or what comes next. Your feelings are a bubbling mess, and nobody has a clue of the huge battle you're fighting. It can be a really overwhelming and lonely experience - if you are only focused on fighting your addiction.

But what if you shift your focus to your transformation?

I designed this series to tackle the specific challenges that come around during this time, so you can not just survive them - but use them to thrive. Recovery does not have to be a life sentence - it can be the key to your most badass life.

How does it work?

Each morning, you will receive one coaching meditation audio delivered to your inbox. A coaching meditation is a powerful mix: part truth-bomb, part challenge, part inspiration.

Together, we'll focus on one recovery element at a time, helping you start or continue your path in recovery - with ownership, empowerment, and a focus on thriving. 

It's simple:

*Find your new daily audio in your inbox every morning

*Find a quiet spot, sit your ass down and listen - heart open

*Dive into the insight and tools - apply as needed through your day

*Download the insert for extra support and exercises

*Optional download of daily screensaver for your phone

*Sit down again the next day. Repeat for 30.

"Your words speak volumes to me. I can 100% relateā€¦It never was about sobriety, but about learning to cope and grow. I essentially had to create a new identity, sober for the first time in 15 years. Learning how to get through the mundane and boring to the excitement and joy; learning to have a completely new me. But I also lost my barrier, my protector, my shield from the pain. Your sweet words and kindness are a blessing, and I am so glad to have you supporting me. "

Paul M.
Coventry, England


30 daily audios to start your day. 30 daily journaling inserts to go deep. 30 phone screensavers to inspire you. #youcandothis

 Who is this series for? 

  • This if for you, if you are beginning your journey in recovery from - well, anything: booze, drugs, food, sex, a toxic relationship - anything that has had you stuck in a cycle.
  • This is for you, if you are "sober-curious", in full-blown addiction - or anywhere in between.
  • This is for you, if you want a "virtual coach" to walk you through your first 30 days, helping you drop the shame and get empowered every day. 
  • This is also for you, if you are already in recovery, but want to add some badass-humph to your journey (it's time to start truly thriving this thing!).
  • This is for you if you have read this far. Listen to your instinct. I made this course crazy affordable, and the value it brings can flip the script for you.
  • This is for you, if you are ready to shift into the transformation of your new life - It's time to elevate everything. This is not about "not drinking" (or using or doing that thing) - it's about relearning to live. It's about designing a new life.

You can do this. I know you can.


Listen to a sample coaching meditation below.

Get an extra meditation delivered to your inbox when you sign up for your discount, too. 

Mucho love, 


Listen a Coaching Meditation now

Ready to check this out? Sweet. Here is a sample of the powerful #truthbombs that you will get with this series. Enjoy.


30 Daily Meditations + Journal exercises = $150

It's time to put away your excuses and stop thinking "tomorrow". This is where you do something to change your life, from the inside out. Today. I created the most affordable series of #truthbombs: information, guidance, inspiration. Let's do this, together.


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