Coping through coronavirus

We're in this together. Here are trusted tools to stay sober no matter what.


This global pandemic is scary and hard. 

People are getting sick all over the globe. If you are lucky and have your health - you're still stuck at home, fighting anxiety from outside and from inside your own head. 

If you're like me and are already sober - or if you want to get sober - this is the perfect opportunity to start your journey.

Yes. In the middle of all this chaos, there's a BIG invitation for you to address the shit that's keeping you stuck: The drinking. The using. The over-eating. The self-shaming. Even sobriety-that-feels-so-blah-you-want-to-drink-again. You know what I'm talking about. 

Below, you will find 6 tools for you to mix and match to create your journey. 

This is where you find the sober badass warrior you need yourself to be.

There is a reason you're here. Take a deep breath. You can do this. I'm right here with you.

Let's go.


Tool #1: Attend a virtual meeting

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: For those, like me, who prefer a 12-step approach, you can find a meeting here.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: Like AA, Narcotics Anonymous has an app to help you find a virtual meeting.
  • In The Rooms online communities: Here, you can join virtual meetings for family members, those in active addiction, those in recovery, and anywhere in between. Start connecting.
  • Refuge Recovery: This recovery approach is influenced by Buddhist philosophy. View online meeting options here.
  • SMART Recovery: Self Management and Recovery Training has over 40 virtual meetings a week. Find one here.
  • SHE RECOVERS + other badass  virtual meetings that support all recovery paths can be found below. Keep scrolling.

Tool #2: Listen to a meditation

Dwelling on the things that might happen is like pouring gasoline on your anxiety. I know it's hard to live in the present right now, with so much uncertainty and fear, but you need to do so in order to protect your sobriety.

Every time you sit down to listen to a meditation you'll show yourself: you can slow down, breathe, be present, and keep going.

Owning your Truth in Addiction

Together, we stand in honesty and take a good look at the pain; a place of darkness where the only possibility is light. A place where there is nothing else to do with shame and fear but lay them down.

Be your Best Friend

Life after addiction is a tapestry of incredible possibilities, but we need new paths to navigate it - beginning with tools for early sobriety. Come back to this meditation as a tool to re-ground yourself.

The Ritual of Recovery

Elena Brower's words, vulnerability and love are present in every word of this masterpiece, which helped me in my own return from relapse into addiction. For more of Elena's magic, visit

Remembering Your Worth

The Live Awake podcast is incredibly grounding. At the end of each episode you will be guided through a short meditation on the topic at hand. Check out more of Sarah Blondin's podcast, Live Awake, here.

Tool #3: Coaching Meditations for Difficult Times - 10-day series to help you cope -

It's important for me to offer free content, especially in the face of this pandemic. Alongside that, I want to point you to towards a few online courses I created to give directed action plans on maintaining your sobriety in the midst of this insanity. This 10-day audio course will create powerful shifts, so you can face things differently from now own. NOW is when you need your badass-self the most.

Tool #4: Take care of your body

Moving is one of the ways we can stay grounded and in touch with ourselves. It sounds counterintuitive, but exercise will bring you energy.

  • Yoga with Adrienne: Adrienne has over six million followers on YouTube. Her videos are free to watch and suit both beginners and experienced yogis. Under 10 minute videos here.
  • Cross Fit: These online workouts—inspired by the gym—can be done using items you already have around the house. Try them here.
  • Blogilates: These pilates videos are high energy and are good when you want something quick. (She's also got stretching vids!) Watch here.
  • Free Trials: Take advantage of free trial offers like those at Yoga Works or Sky Ting

Tool #5: Fight off deep cravings

When a deep craving hits, we need immediate steps of action to get ourselves out of that place of anxiety and vulnerability. Download a basic version of the tools I use here.

If your'e looking for a powerful coaching course to help you "ride the wave" of craving, get my $25 audio series that goes deeper on the tools. 

This course gets me, as your virtual coach, in your back-pocket - so when the shit hits the fan, you won't succumb the drug or go back to that thing that keeps you stuck. This series includes a powerful intro, specific to this global pandemic, and how you can use this time to learn to shift and thrive.


Tool #6: My virtual coaching course on getting (or staying) sober while you're at home

This unfiltered course is comprised of 14 lessons and close to 5 hours of video courses that will give you everything you need to start your journey of sobriety (from whatever your toxic behavior or addiction may be) or to elevate and solidify your current sobriety during this difficult time. This course was made specifically to address our feelings and the tools we have at home. Now is more important than ever to stay sober, no matter what. Now is when you need your serenity, your grounding and your most badass self. I will teach you how to access this, and more. You can do this - I know you can.

Above all: Stay sober, no matter what

Here are a few other miscellaneous resources that you might find valuable during this time. I'll do my best to keep this list up to date with more tools as I learn of them.


I've got you. Especially if you are struggling with this quarantine.


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