I remember it like it was yesterday.

I remember how incredibly difficult it was to be stuck in my drinking. For decades, red wine was my best friend. I felt like it was part of my personality – I felt it made me smarter, funnier, nicer. It did not. It actually made me do things I did not want to do; say things I would later regret; and act against the beautiful human being that I was – but that I had forgotten all about.

Admitting I had a problem was hard. I tried to pretend that “everybody drank like me”, and that I could stop – if I really wanted (and when I decided to). After a few more years, I finally had enough of this awful cycle. I had to look at myself in the mirror and come to the terrifying moment of my truth: I had a problem with alcohol. I drank too much, even when I did not want to. I had been kidding myself for too long, and I was about to lose everything.

Then, a harder truth happened: I tried. I tried. I tried. And I could not.

I could not stop drinking. I could not quit on my own. I wanted to – so badly – and I gave myself an excuse every time, to have that “one drink” (which was always more than one, two and ten).

I did not understand why I drank, why I could not quit drinking (by quitting drinking), and what to do about my problem. How could I fix a problem that I did not understand? Especially when it was a problem that had such a tremendous amount of stigma, shame, embarrassment and self-hatred attached to it?

You see – I thought I was a bad person needing to be good. I did not realize that I was an ill person needing to get well. What I needed was information, resources, solutions, options. I needed a safe space to get honest, ask the big questions, and set my shame to the side. I needed empowerment and love. And I needed to know how to get better, what to do next.

My journey has been unfolding as a sober and free human in recovery for the last ten years. It has had ups and downs, and yet it’s been perfect. It has made me more honest, more grounded and more whole than I have ever felt. Even my worse day in sobriety beats my best day in addiction.

I want this for you. I want you to feel that light in the middle of your chest, telling you there is hope. I want to help you, if you have reached a point where your soul screams “enough!”. It’s time.

I don’t have to convince you. You know if this is what you want – and if this is what you need.

Here is the intro to a course I made. This is everything I learned in the first half of my journey – everything I wish someone had told me from the very beginning.

The best option right now would be for me to knock on your door, make some tea and curl up on your couch. You and I would talk for hours (about 4 hours, to be exact), and I would teach you all about addiction, the cycle of addiction, the body+mind component, decision, willpower, recovery programs (there are many), a recovery toolkit, and how to become a badass in recovery. Puaf.

But I can’t show up at your door, unfortunately. So therefore, the next best option is this course. It is all here. All of it. Including my f-bombs, my practical approach (no b.s. allowed here), my unfiltered info and my suggestions for your journey ahead.

Drop me a line if you have any questions. This is not a “nice to have” course. This is for those who are tired of the cycle of insanity and are ready to flip the script once and for all.

This is for those who are ready to claim their life back. If you have read this far, it’s time.

Watch the video, and get your course – so we can curl up on your sofa and chat.

Mucho Love,




Close to 4 hours of video content in 10 lessons you can access from any device, at your own pace. Each video lesson is accompanied by a document with basic concepts, questions and links to additional resources.

Clarity, hope, empowerment. Our goal is that you understand your problem, your options to solve it, and the toolkit to help you get there.

It's time to get your power back from addiction's hands.

It's time to be free.


I believe there's no need to cajole or convince anyone into recovery. I honor this as a very personal decision. But if you feel that it's time to try this, you are in the right place.

I believe in a clear, no-shame approach to getting started. 

Expect transparency. Expect hope. Expect humor.

Expect compassion.

I go all in, so you can, too.

Permission to be vulnerable, raw and real. Shameless, unfiltered recovery.

Lifetime Access

Recovery is life-giving and life-changing gift.

If you have tried to quit and can't do it by yourself, you need clarity on how to do this - once and for all. Not only will quitting your addiction save you thousands of dollars, - but getting healthy, recovering your mental sanity, your spiritual peace, your self-trust, your relationships with others - is absolutely priceless. 


Limited time - $420 starting June.

Need a payment plan?

Drop me a line [email protected]



Pamela is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, Certified Life Coach and She Recovers Coach. She is also a recovered alcohol addict with a decade in the journey of recovery. There are a lot of people qualified to talk to you about how to quit drinking - but nobody better than a drunk who found a way out of the hole and can throw some light on your path.

Pamela believes that every recovery journey is unique, and there are many ways to recover. She also believes that once we recover, life can become a true masterpiece. A badass life. A life that can inspire and guide others who are still suffering in addiction. 

Pamela's mission is to share experience, hope and possibility through recovery. Addiction is not a choice, it's a disease. Only by openly sharing will we change the conversation around it. 

Watch the video above to learn more about her journey and offering.

"First, we recover. Then, we thrive."

Unfiltered, empowered, grateful.




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