When I got sober in 2009, the only resource was to hit the local meeting in a church basement.

There were no online groups, no zoom meetings, no recovery coaches, no online courses (we didn't even know what that meant!).

In fact, people were not even talking openly about their sobriety. Except in church basements, of course.

Today, you have an incredible amount of resources to choose from.

If you're curious (or certain) about wanting a new way of thinking about alcohol, you can find every answer you need "from the comfort of your own home". Pass the cheese, please.

Below, you have some serious options. Browse around, mix and match and get started.



¨Despite getting sober a number of years ago, I felt that something in my life was missing. I still often felt the unconscious pull of my addiction and worried I was headed towards a drink, not away from one. About two years ago, I found a reference to a “Sober Badass” that seemed interesting.

Pamela helped me realize that growth wasn’t simply not drinking, but changing my thought process to grow as a person and search for my true goals. Sobriety was just the beginning. Now, through Pamela’s named “Project Pete”, I'm headed in a positive personal direction because I have strength in me. That strength is keeping me sober and making me a better man. Muchas Gracias, Pamela. ¨

- Peter Stone - Student and coaching client 

The Badass Recovery Course: The fastest way to get back on your feet. 

My signature course: 12 lessons with the best of what I've learned in my 12 years in recovery.

I'll walk you through the do's and don'ts of getting (and staying) sober -- while helping you design a new mindset about sobriety and about your sober-self.

Ready to get your power back?

I thought so.



The Membership: A monthly subscription to get you started.

The easiest first step.

A library of video content which includes a mini-course, a feature-length documentary, recovery meditations, interviews, guidance on relapse, building a recovery toolkit, and more. Bonus included: 10-Day Early Sobriety course.

Plus, two live zoom group calls with coaches Alyssa and Pamela (hosts of the Badass Recovery Podcast) to answer any questions about your journey. The most affordable way to get coaching - and get started.



The 30 Day Mindset Makeover: It all begins with how you think about things. 

Sobriety can be boring, hard, painful.

Or it can be easy, empowering and badass.

How you think has everything to do with your experience. 

This 30-day audio course will deliver powerful insights to help you dive into this process with a new narrative: One where you are not fighting yourself, but fighting for your best freaking life. #beyourownhero



The Insight Timer Course: 2000 students and counting.

Ten days of audio mentorship for sobriety in the largest platform for meditation content: Insight Timer. This short-but-powerful course has more than 2k students (in only 5 months).

Get my course in the Insight Timer platform if you are a Pro member, or get the Insight Timer Bundle here, for a total of 3 courses:

The Insight Timer Course,

The Craving Emergency Kit,

The 10-Day Early Sobriety Course. 



The Badass Recovery Bundle: Ready to start sobriety like a MFBadass?

Sobriety on fire. Three courses for a no-nonsense start:

1. The Badass Recovery Course

2. The 30-Day Mindset Makeover

3. The Craving Emergency Kit

Three powerful systems to support you as you begin (or elevate) your journey of recovery.



The Badass Recovery Bundle: Ten powerful mind-shifts to start your day with a "velvet hammer" approach.


The 10 day audio series is the beginning of the 30-Day Mindset Makeover.

Ten powerful audio coachings to start your sobriety with a different attitude, helping you surpass early sobriety challenges with grace. 

This course is included in the Coaching Monthly Membership.  



El Curso en Español: El curso más importante que puedes tomar.


Cuando sabes que tienes que hacer un cambio en relación al alcohol (o a cualquier droga), es vital tener un plan de acción.

Este curso es una especie de manual, diseñado para ayudarte a entender qué está pasando contigo, y como cambiar lo que te está atorando.  

¿Listo(a) para volver a sentirte libre? Me imagino que sí. 



The Craving Emergency Kit: Cravings are a 10-ft wave. Here´s a surfboard.

Have you ever begun your sobriety, only to get thrown back to square one because of an overwhelming craving?

Cravings are like a tidal wave. They have the power to drown you, no question. This is why you need to learn to ride them, and get to the other side, unharmed.

This audio course will give you 12 tools to help you navigate the next craving when it hits.




Personal Coaching Sessions: It's you and me, kid.

Private coaching via zoom with me as your coach, mentor and journey companion.

A select few hire me to work one-on-one. We meet once a week and stay in touch between meetings via text. When you hire me, I'm in your back-pocket at all times. Based on where you are on your journey, I develop a customized plan for you. Whether it's getting you sober or elevating your sobriety, personal coaching is a way to transform your life. 

Not for the faint of heart, this is the most powerful way to stop doing that thing that's hurting you and add fire to your recovery journey.




Get to know Alyssa and I via our podcast.

In this 10-episode first season, Alyssa and I debunk the stigma around all things addiction and recovery.

Join us for a powerful journey of coaching, storytelling, vulnerability and ownership. Two badass sober women sharing the best they've got. 

Find The Badass Recovery Podcast for free, like all podcasts - in itunes, spotify, or your preferred podcast platform. 





¨Thank you for your courses and coaching, Pamela. I’m so much more peaceful and confident. My morning routine is solid since last April. Have written a two-way letter literally every morning since 4/24/21, and I haven’t had a drink since then. More importantly, I’m consistently honest with myself and genuinely nurturing my spirit. There still plenty more growth to go but that’s the exciting part, no? ¨

- Carney M. O'Brian - Student and coaching client 

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It all begins with a baby step.