I am not here to convince you.

You are the boss of you.

I am not here to try to guilt-trip, sell or inspire you into sobriety. 

Only you know if you have a problem - and if you're ready to do something about it..

My job is to ask the big questions so YOU can dig deep, and decide what's next.



Radical Clarity is Vital

It's impossible to solve a problem if you don't understand what it is.

For decades, I drank too much, did things I didn't want to do - and then thought I was a sh*tty person.

I didn't understand I suffered from an addiction to alcohol; not from moral failure. I was not a bad person - I was a person with an addiction.

The first step is to get clear if addiction is the monkey on your shoulder. My job is to help you get you very, very clear on that.

Addiction may NOT be your deal, btw. You may just need a bit of information and inspiration in order to quit. 

You can't solve a problem unless you know what it is. 

100 percent clear. S'all.





Decide: One-Day or Day One?

I am not asking you to commit forever.

I am asking you to giving this a shot today. 

The moment of decision begins

when you hear yourself saying: 

"I'm so tired." "Enough".

"I want more than this stupid cycle."

"I hate what I am doing to myself."

"Things need to change."

The decision is ultimately yours. 

So ask yourself: Are you done?

Are you willing to give this an honest try?

#onedayatatime #itbeginswithyou



We Don't Half-Ass Things

Half measures avail us nothing. Sober warriors go all in.
I have never seen a life truly transformed by half-assing things. 

Have you?

I drank like a motherf*cker.
So I needed to heal like a motherf*cker too.

I had to put my gloves down, set my ego to the side (those big ideas that got me nowhere) and decide to do the work.

Recovery is about action, not thought.

I had to decide. Both feet in. Brain on shelf.
Soul open to comfort.

Was I ready? I didn't feel like I was...
But I was too tired of living life as it was - so I said yes.

It worked.

#trusttheprocess #youcandothis



We Love the F-Word

My tongue is fabulously unfiltered.

F*ck yes.

But the f-word I love the most is:


Forgiveness of Self,


Forgiving...or even

being willing

to forgive yourself

opens the door

to the process of healing.




Start there.




You are a Superhero

Baby, you are Superman + WonderWoman under the broken shell you are wearing. Look inside!
I see you. All of you. Under the tattered cape of addiction.
I see your badass superhero, begging to come out. 
Only you can let your shiny-cape, bouncy hair, badass-smile superhero out of the cage of addiction - once & for all.
You have that power.
(And I will be salsa-dance-cheering for you all the way)



There are many ways to recover

Recovery is about "recovering" the self that was lost to addiction - but also about discovering the most badass version of you - through a different life. This can be done in many different ways. None are "right" or "wrong".

The process is a personal one. Yours is yours to explore. 

And the only permission you need to get started, is your own. 

Doesn't that sound good?




Connection is everything

Addiction is one of the most magnificent "me too" human experiences. 

Nobody can understand a person who wants to quit drinking (or using) better than one who's been there.

Addiction is, after all, disconnection. Recovery connects you back to yourself - and the world. 

I believe one sober badass sharing hope with one who is still suffering is the ju-ju. 

Recovery begins with two humans connecting - that's why you are here today, right?

So don't leave without connecting with me. Seriously.






This platform is for you if:

You want to quit drinking. Or using. Or doing that
thing that is wrecking your soul.

You are willing to put the gloves down.

You are willing to put your shame in the trashcan
(we don't do shame here - at all).

You are willing to learn some things. And unlearn

You are willing to ask big questions. Get
uncomfortable. Do the work.

Mostly, this is for you if you are willing to leap
into a life in sobriety that is full of freedom, 
empowerment and joy.

Throw-your-arms-in-the-air-and-smile joy.



We aren't for everyone

We can't give you a magic pill for sobriety. It doesn't 
work like that.

We also can't promise any of our tools will work if you 
don't use them.

Our mission is to give you guidance, information, suggestions and a sh*t-ton of resources.

But the result is up to you.

This is for those who are done wasting their life and are willing to show up differently.

It's brave. It's bold. It's badass.

It changes everything.


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