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This course is your emergency resource when the craving monster comes slithering down your throat -  

In early recovery from a toxic substance or behavior, the craving to go back to our old patterns - is so.freakin.real. No joke. 

Our sane minds, our rationale and our logic seem to evaporate. I call this "going through a deep craving episode".  

When this happens to me, what I need are immediate steps of action to get myself out of that place of anxiety - and get my head above water again. 

This 30-minute audio / visual mini-course was created just for that.  

Individual lessons will explain each of the 12 tools, and a full downloadable audio will be available for you to keep on your phone. Phone screensavers will also support you when the craving monster surprises you.  

Use this course to learn to “ride the wave” of the craving, and get to the other side. The more you use your “recovery muscle”, the more it grows. One day at a time, you’ll create the solid foundation for a life in recovery. This course can help when you need it the most.  

You've got this.