Start it. Maintain it. Elevate it. Own It. 


This pandemic is overwhelming and basically scary as f*ck. 


If you are like me, and like "tapping out" from your life, this moment is doubly hard. First, well - because you're human and all humans are scared. Secondly, because you're fighting your inner voice, which is asking you to do that thing.

That thing. Drinking. Pills. A joint. Wild amounts of junk food. A toxic relationship. Porn. That thing that makes you feel good for two minutes - then drowns you with never-ending shame and self-hate.

Our addictions call to us loudly these days.


But people like us are uniquely equipped to handle hard shit.


We can do hard. We do hard every single day when we say "not today" to our inner addict.

I've designed three special virtual coaching courses for what we all need right now: clarity, tools, and a plan.

  1. Sobriety during coronavirus: A virtual coaching program for those who don't know where to start in kicking a toxic habit or addiction. This 12 session program will provide a framework and a plan for how to quit your addiction (or keep your sobriety). This course is similar to hiring an addiction coach.

  2. Coaching meditations for difficult times: Guided meditations unlike any you've tried before. This pack of ten meditations gives you an action plan for the day ahead. For extra rigor, complete the optional journal exercises included with each lesson and see how it shifts your insight.

  3. 12 tools to fight a craving: When an intense craving hits, pull up these images or pop in the audios to get you through. Especially during this high-anxiety, home-locked time. 


How are you going to show up to this unprecedented challenge?


You're going to rise up and write yourself a new story. You are going to use this time to finally face that thing - because...enough. You are going to use this as your invitation - the one you've been pushing to the side. It's time, babeh. 

Sign up for my emails. Go through my offerings. Look at my free resources. Drop me an email. Take the next action step. You know what to do.

Let's do this together. 

You can do this. Now. Yes. 

I am here to help. 

First things first.

Let's connect so I can share coaching emails, freebies and inspiration. 

Let's Grow Together.


You may think this is the worse possible moment to get sober - or to make your sobriety become truly transformational.

You, my friend, are wrong.

This, in fact, is the best freaking time and space to look at yourself in the mirror and get real. Get honest. Get brave.

Go through my page and dive deep.

This is your invitation. 

When you look back at this quarantine, you'll feel proud. Against all odds, this is the time that you will finally give yourself the gift of freedom. 

Let's GO.

These are the courses you need if you want to: Get sober. Stay sober. Love your sobriety. All done from home.


A video coaching program for those who don't know where to start in kicking a toxic habit or addiction - AND for those who are sober but need extra support during this crazy time.

These 12 lessons provide a framework and a plan for how to quit your addiction, keep your sobriety, and create a personal plan to transform your life. 



Guided audio meditations unlike any you've tried before. This pack of 10 audios gives you a compassionate action plan for the day ahead.

You'll also have optional journal exercises to complete each day for some added structure and reflection - all framed in the context of sobriety during this coronavirus high-anxiety time.



You'll get 12 short audios and accompanying visuals to save to your phone so that you can say no to your craving, wherever you are. Use the tools, pop in the audios, or just scroll through the images on your phone to get you through to the next moment. 

Beating a craving has never been more important than now. I'm in this with you.



All three courses, bundled up and ready to go - at a crazy discounted price.

I need you sober. 
The world needs you sober. 

We need your brain, your parenting, your love, your gifts, your light.

YOU need YOU - shameless, serene, purely badass.


"I'd been feeling like a victim for so long - I didn't realize I had the power to see myself differently. That one little shift was the key to stop drinking and change everything. Thank you."


- Trevor, an online student + coaching client

Coronavirus Coping: Free Resources

A long-ass list of all the resources you can tap into from home to GET or STAY sober.