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Recovery started with finding ME first.

The first time I got sober in 2009, my concept of recovery was only pertaining to my alcoholism. I did not see any other issue to personally recover from, other than alcohol addiction.


I recovered using the 12-step program straight out of the book containing the directions in its original form. To me, that was (and still is!) the only way to get my crazy head out of the way and experience a spiritual transformation which has sobriety as a result.


However…while at the time I did not realize it, my recovery was completely black and white. If a principle or person fell in line with that book, it was ok. If recovery or ideas about recovery were NOT found in that book, I scoffed at them, or tossed them aside as a meager opinion. I rolled my eyes slightly at ideas like codependence, anxiety and depression. I thought if you recovered through a 12-step program, it would pretty much heal all other the spiritual malaises you carried inside. I was quick to...

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