Sep 07, 2020 What is the Difference Between a Program of Recovery, a Sponsor, and a Recovery Coach?

I often get questions about what I do and why someone would want a recovery coach when programs like AA are free. My job is to complement a program of recovery, adding a whole new layer on top of your sponsor—something more high level.

An important note here: I am a child of AA. I’ve...

Dec 17, 2018 Recovery starts with me

The first time I got sober in 2009, my idea of “recovery” only pertained to my drinking. I didn’t see any other issue to personally recover from, other than the very clear toxic relationship I had with Cabernet (and Merlot, Chardonnay, Stella and all that gang). So long as I...

Apr 16, 2018 Breaking the Stigma of Anonymity

For most people, there’s something terrifying about the words I use to describe myself.  Every time I say “I’m sober”, or a “I’m a recovered alcoholic”, or even “I’m in recovery” there’s a beat of silence - as a mild...