Feb 28, 2021 The Relapse Formula


Relapse is one of my favorite subjects because I lived in it for two long years. After five years of sobriety, I found myself chugging warm chardonnay in a parking lot.


Relapse brought me shame. Shame brought me more relapse.


I would drink, feel like a failure (both the world...

Feb 17, 2021 A Vision for Your Future


Perhaps understanding how addiction hijacks your mind has given you clarity on why willpower will never be enough to get you sober for good. But perhaps it also made you feel a bit hopeless. 


I invite you to feel hopeful. Why? Because now you know what the problem is, and this...

Feb 01, 2021 Addiction Rewires Your Brain


Our mind is our own personal operating system. It’s the “command center” which has the programs that run our life. Our mind’s programs are supposed to protect us from harm, to keep us surviving and thriving. 


But then. 


Addiction arrives...

Jan 26, 2021 Preparing for all the feelings


We don’t talk enough about all the feelings that happen in early sobriety. 


I've talked about committing to The Deep Yes, taking a first step, and understanding the elements of "The Work" of recovery (A Program, A Toolkit, A Community). I've also talked a lot about...

Jan 13, 2021 Doing The Work


I’ve talked about making a deep, personal commitment to a new life with “The Deep Yes.” I’ve discussed the importance of following the decision we take with immediate action.


You’ve made the commitment to make a change. Now, the game’s on....

Dec 13, 2020 Recovery Requires Action


After your “Deep Yes” then the “What Next?” moment, it’s about ACTION.


Recovery is - and always will be - a verb. I used to think that once I made the decision to quit drinking, my life would magically change. I can now see that part of why I failed at...

Dec 05, 2020 What next?


“What next?” is where good intentions come to die. 


“What next?” is where most of us who struggle with addiction get stuck. Addiction robs us of the power to do “Next.” We make grand decisions in our heads to finally make a change.



Nov 23, 2020 The Deep Yes

I’d had 5 years of sobriety the day I found myself in the parking lot of a CVS, pouring warm Chardonnay down my throat. That was the first day of my relapse: a two-year tumble back down the rabbit hole of addiction. 

Two years is more than 700 days. At least half of those mornings, I...

Apr 04, 2020 The Unbecoming

Today, my nails tell the tale of the One animal we are - a collective of humans within a surreal chapter of life. Look at them. Look at us. Growing. Changing. Shedding our polish. Unbecoming. Becoming real. Below the hard, shiny shell - showing the world who we are. Transparent and vulnerable....