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What if you could go beyond just sobriety and into a new life where you're thriving in recovery?

What if you had a recovery coach who really understood the dark thoughts? The relapses? The shame? Someone who understood that "willpower" is not ever going to be enough to get you sober (much less, free). 

I lived in addiction for decades. It almost killed me. Now, I help other people upgrade their lives by going beyond just getting sober — I'm talking about really thriving and badassing the hell out of recovery. I'm talking about loving life again - and loving yourself again, too.

Here's why My Badass Recovery is different: Because I know there's no "one size fits all" in the journey of recovery. I'm not going to write your story for you. I'm going to give you back the pen so that you can be your own damn hero. With my courses you'll get clarity, and create your own custom path out of addiction. With my mentorship, you'll access the badass power of recovery. Together, we can get you un-stuck.


"The course, craving toolbox, and the meditations have been life changing...

Having the daily mantras and worksheets helped having an interactive component. My favourite part was the empathy, compassion and understanding around addiction.  

It felt personal, not clinical. I feel blessed to have stumbled across you and your teachings. Life is a million times better than a few months ago."

Hollie | Student

Explore the Badass Recovery Courses:

1-on-1 Coaching

For those ready to make a serious commitment to recovery. This bundle includes the Badass Recovery Course, the 30-Day Mindset Shift series, and the Craving Emergency Kit. It's my best content at a huge discount.

Go all in with the Kit
Virtual Coaching Course

Overwhelmed but ready to get sober? Start here. My Course helps you take the first steps of your journey to sobriety—whether its your first try or your hundredth. 4+ hours of video coaching.

Learn more
Coaching Meditations

One month. A brand new mindset. Each morning, you'll sit your ass down and listen to one of my "coaching" audios, based on the different pillars of recovery, giving you focus and direction for the day ahead.

Listen to a sample

My membership hub is a curated selection of tools: meditations, interviews, and online live coaching support for only $49 a month. It's your go-to place when you are aching for answers.

Learn more

Make it through a deep craving episode with this downloadable Guided Coaching Meditation and PDF. Learn tools to approach "the monster" from a different perspective, and change your mindset in the moment.

Get it for just $60
1-on-1 Coaching

4-session personal coaching program to get your custom recovery plan up and running. If you want a super personalized, high-involvement experience, this is for you.

Find out more here or email me to schedule your free discovery call:

[email protected]

Decades of drinking 
5 years sober 
2 years relapsing 
And finally: freedom


I'm Pamela: Certified Recovery Coach, Life Coach, and SHE RECOVERS Coach. But what truly matters is that I’m an addict in recovery – I know addiction intimately.

For years, I tried to drink “normally,” but couldn’t control the how, why, and when I drank. I was powerless over this thing, and it was killing me. 

I realized I did not have control over my drinking.

But I did have control over my actions to solve this problem.

When was I finally going to commit to that? I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I didn’t know how to stop drinking, but I was ready to start taking charge of my life.

Once I made that shift, everything changed.

12 years later, this is what I do: I help people like you shift from addicted victim to sober, empowered badass. I help you get back in control of your life so you can feel radically free.

I know you may feel a mix of hope and terror. I know you may not trust yourself (you will). You may not feel 100% ready (you are). That’s why I’m here.

You'll need to trust a professional. I promise to walk this journey with you, whether this is your first try or your hundredth.

It won't be easy, but we can do this.


"You brought me from victimhood to ownership...

From feeling alone, broken and hopeless, to feeling supported, encouraged, and lifted. My transformation and journey has begun. 'One day at a time', as you say. I'm a frickin' badass and it's time to show the world!"

Lori | Coaching Course Student

You'll never feel totally ready.

Start anyway.



If all you can handle is a teeny tiny baby step today, that's ok. 

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This podcast is for anyone who wants to stop a self-sabotaging behavior — and can’t. Recovery coaches Pamela and Alyssa know what that’s like.

Addiction brought both of these badass b*tches to their knees, eventually inviting them to transform their lives through recovery. Now, their mission is to empower others to rewrite their own stories.