No more shame. No more guilt. 

No more drinking. Instead - Living.

With a capital "L".

Shame, relapse, triggers, spiraling - wanting to drink when you know the consequences are getting worse each time - but doing it, anyway (spoiler alert: No, it's not gonna be different "this time".) 

These "irrational patterns"  - which make zero sense to others - make perfect sense to me. Why? Because I am an addict who lived that reality for decades. It almost killed me.

In 2009, I finally got sober (funny, how easy it sounds). Yet, it would take years for me to learn to ditch the shame, heal my past and re-create my story as a badass, sober human. 

Today, my mission is to help you this very thing. It's not about not drinking - It's about learning to Live - without having to tap out. It's about elevating your story at a mental, spiritual and even physical level. Yep, it's about deep transformation.

Welcome to my badass recovery journey.

Let's get started with yours. 

Image of Pamela, founder of My Badass Recovery

Quitting isn't going to be our focus.

Most Recovery Coaches, Addiction Counselors and Recovery teachers focus on helping their clients QUIT drinking.

And yes, that's important, of course. But shifting your focus beyond just quitting is more important. 

Would you rather live life focused on NOT drinking—being in survival mode, avoiding social engagements, thinking of what you can't do? -- Or would you rather focus on the new space in your life to discover, create, and re-invent yourself, as you release drinking and embrace new possibilities? Yeah, I thought so. This platform will teach you the art of living without drinking - beyond just that. 

Thriving is your focus. 

Re-writing your story is the focus.

Finding a badass recovery lifestyle is the focus.

Loving your life is the focus.

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Some coaches will tell you there's only one right path. That's not true. Mix and match any of my products below to start creating the plan and resources that feel right for you.

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1-on-1 Coaching

For those ready to make a change - with a multi-prong approach: This bundle includes the virtual Coaching Course, the 30-day Coaching Meditation series, and the 12 Tools Emergency Kit (at great savings.)

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Virtual Coaching Course

Affordable and effective, this 4+ hour coaching course gives you the powerful foundations to map your journey of quitting (booze, drugs, toxic relationships) - and to enter a life of badass "ownership" of your recovery.

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Coaching Meditations

This 30-day series gives you agency over things which feel out of your control in early sobriety. Every daily audio and journaling exercise has the power to shift your mindset, teaching you tools to thrive in sobriety.

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My membership hub, affectionately named F-Bombs and Coffee, is a curated selection of tools: meditations, interviews, and online support for only $15 a month - cancel anytime. #boom.

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Make it through a deep craving episode with this downloadable Guided Coaching Meditation and PDF. Learn tools to approach "the monster" from a different perspective, and change the cycle which has you stuck.

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1-on-1 Coaching

A 6 session personal coaching program to get your custom recovery plan up and running fast. Interested in doing some hard work and reaping results fast? Hell yeah. Find out more here - or email me to schedule your free discovery call with me - 
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Why is this time going to be different?

As you know, I'm Pamela - CPLC, CPRC, and SRD: Certified Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and SHE RECOVERS Coach.

Those are all great letters, but what matters is that  I'm an addict in recovery - living an amazing life of my own design. I know addiction intimately - how easy it is to live in it, and how to get out of it.

As a Recovery Coach, my job is to help you take a deep breath, and plan your journey of "quitting" — shifting your mindset to focus on a bigger goal: true freedom.

As a Human in Recovery, my job is to sit with your heart and speak your language — always. Not for one second do I forget what it's like to be inside the insanity. As I've said above, what makes no sense to others (relapse, thought patterns, cravings) makes perfect sense to me. 

This is why I am uniquely positioned to walk this journey with you. 

All I need is for you to trust me. I won't ask you to trust yourself just yet — I know that is not available to you now. But it will. I will get you there.

That is my job, ultimately. To get you to trust yourself again. To get you "home" once and for all. 

I can't wait to be part of your journey.

XOXO - Pamela

If all you can handle is a teeny tiny baby step today, that's ok. 

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