a different approach
to addiction recovery.

Because no one
can recover
by just not drinking.

My coaching and online course supports you during any part of the addiction recovery process - when all you can handle is a baby step, when you're relapsing and even when you're sober but not yet really loving life.
Some people struggle to get sober, and then to love that new, sober life.
I have a toolkit that helps you find sobriety, turn it into an empowered recovery, and be happy.
Not kinda happy. Deep, down, proud-of-who-you-are happy.
First, you'll recover. Then, you'll thrive.
For decades, I was stuck in a love affair with red wine that almost killed me.
Then, I quit drinking. I was sober, but lifeless. Sober, but colorless. Sober, but miserable.
After 5 years of wrestling this "sober-meh feeling," I drank again.
This (long-ass) relapse would last two full years - 700+ days of "one last drink," which would eventually destroy my marriage, my serenity and my sense of self.
Finding my way back to sobriety felt impossible.
I needed a different approach - my life depended on it. This time, I began by dropping the shame. Getting honest. Changing the ownership. Doing the work.
Hard? Yup. Worth it? Totally.
My perspective shifted. Instead of seeing sobriety as a life-sentence, I began to see it as a source of possibility and creation. Instead of stepping into old stories, I created new, upgraded ones. Instead of a black-and-white sobriety, I added sharp reds and gray undertones. Instead of being in "lack" - I chose an abundant, 360-approach to my new, sober life.
This shift was everything. Everything.
After years of feeling powerless, I felt connected.
Hopeful. Peaceful. Integral. Strong.
A multi-layered, badass approach to sobriety became my thing. 
And my true recovery began.
Pamela has been invaluable in my recovery.
She has an amazing combination of ass-kicking honesty and soul-lifting compassion, and an uncanny ability to implement both at the right time. She’s both supported and spurred me to tackle the issues in myself which lead me to rely on my addictions to cope.
I am living a better life due to her.

Trevor Plum


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