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2020 is your year of transformation

For decades, I drank too much.  I kept telling myself I would quit "tomorrow" - but the next day, I would drink, then say "tomorrow", again.  It was a cycle of slavery (and a ton of shame) that sucked. Hard.

Through willpower and "decision" I would string a few days without drinking. Soon, I would start coming out of my skin. 

I then realized I had two problems:

  • I didn't really know how to stop drinking.
  • I didn't really know how to live without the drinking.

I was stuck. I was terrified.

Until the day that everything changed. 

The day that I decided to stop focusing on the "drinking" - and I decided to start focusing on the "living".

Sounds interesting?  it is. 

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I had to sit down and take a deep breath.

The first thing I had to understand was that nobody was going to do this for me. Only I could make the decision to change. 

I realized I had a problem with drinking, yes. But there was more. 

  • I had a problem with victimhood. I loved playing small in order to justify my drinking. 
  • I had a problem with integrity with my word. I had 1000 excuses, and kept giving myself a pass, daily.
  • I had a problem of self-trust. I could not trust myself to do what I said I would. 
  • I had a problem with honesty. I kept pretending I had shit under control.

I'd been asking the wrong question. 

The question was not "how can I quit drinking?"

The question was: "How can I start transforming my relationship with myself and my life?

In order to answer that question, first I had to step into a place of ownership. 

Next, I had to do the work of transformation.


Ready to start getting serious about this?

Where to start?

1. Check out the FAQ's (below) to learn more about my message, services and offerings.

2. Listen to the free meditation on Owning your Truth in Addiction (below). It's time to feel empowered and remember you CAN do this.

3. Browse through the Courses and Resources and pick your next step (remember, nothing changes until you take action).

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Questions? Reach me at [email protected]

Let's start to create a recovery journey that is 100% you.

Xx - Pamela

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Courses and Resources.

This is where you take action and ditch the "tomorrow" b.s.

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The Badass Recovery Virtual Course

This is the first step if you're ready to get serious about conquering your addiction but aren't sure what to do next.

11 powerful video lessons and exercises to get you started on your journey of freedom.

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30-Day Coaching Meditations

Start your day with focus and intention.

Thirty daily coaching audios and journal exercises to support you in the fog of early sobriety or when you're feeling directionless in your recovery.


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Toolkit: Resisting Deep Cravings

When a deep craving hits, we need immediate steps of action to get ourselves out of that place of anxiety and vulnerability.

Here's the toolkit to help you strengthen this resistance muscle.


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Jacklyn B. - U.K.

"Tears, lots of tears. Every word hits home. Thank you for these amazing words and your authenticity. I felt like you were sitting right beside me. Thank you. You are changing lives."

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Rich S. - New York

"Heartful, brilliant and real.

I don't know you - but I do.

Sincerest thanks for your gift." 

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Douglas M. - Chicago

"You've given me the gift of hope. I've been struggling with shame and fear for such a long time. The cycle of self-loathing needs to stop. Thank you for giving me the message that I desperately needed today."

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