The shame-ditching, stigma-stomping duo: ALYSSA AND PAMELA

Pamela struggled with alcoholism (or alcohol use disorder, if you get ruffled by -isms), codependency and PTSD. Probably more. But at least those.

Alyssa struggled with alcoholism, eating disorders and codependency.  

This podcast is a conversation about the whys and ways we defended our addictions - and then surrendered them. You´ll hear our personal stories of defeat and hope, and how sobriety became the root of our joy. 

In Season One we break down ten recovery-related concepts. 

We get uncomfortable.

We ask big questions.

We ditch old stories.

We find new ways.  

Here's your invitation to come along for the ride. Please join us. 

P + A

The degree of our freedom is = to the degree of responsibility we take over healing ourselves.

"This podcast is a lifeline for anyone who wants to stop self-sabotaging behavior and start rocking sobriety."

Sabrina S.

The Badass Recovery Podcast

Pamela Rueda Devenport

Pamela used alcohol to self-medicate the trauma from a kidnapping and other "life events". She quit through the 12-Steps and her life got better. However, there was something missing. She was not drinking, yes. But she still felt disconnected, small, ashamed and "lost" to herself. After five years sober she drank, and was off to a long (2-year) relapse. She lost her marriage, her job and her self-respect.

Getting sober again, she knew “just sobriety” wouldn’t cut it, so she embarked on a journey to find what had been missing. The result? A total transformation. Pamela founded My Badass Recovery in 2017 - a recovery platform that presents her new approach to sobriety. Through online courses and coaching, she teaches people how to drop the shame, develop a powerful sobriety, and (truly) love the new, sober version of themselves. 

Unapologetic. Empowered. Shame-free. 

Sobriety in a new way.



Alyssa Rocco

After spending nearly a decade in the biotech industry participating in the launch of two successful life-changing medicines for Cystic Fibrosis and Hepatitis C, Alyssa felt like something was missing in her life. After one session with a life coach at Handel Group, she realized she wasn't happy and didn't know how to BE happy.

This realization inspired a journey: Alyssa became a coach, changed careers and embarked on a beautiful transformation of healing her addictions to alcohol, codependency and food, through the process of recovery. 

Over the last eight years, she has brought a deep understanding of The Handel Method®, 12 step recovery tools and a M.A. in Organizational Psychology to transform hundreds of lives. She has taught programs at MIT and Columbia University and  managed the launch of Inner.U - Handel Group’s first online coaching course. Alyssa will help you create a life you love.