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Pamela Devenport, Certified Recovery Coach

Instagram @mybadassrecovery

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Pamela is a Certified Life Coach, Recovery Coach, and SHE RECOVERS Coach.  

For decades, she used alcohol as a way to self-medicate. Eventually she quit through the 12-Steps, but after 5 years of lackluster sobriety, she fell into a long, painful, 2-year relapse.

Getting sober again, Pamela knew “just sobriety” wouldn’t be enough, so she embarked on a journey to find the radical honesty and integrity that she'd been missing. The result? Pamela founded My Badass Recovery in 2017 - a no bullsh*t online platform that looks at recovery in a new way. Through online courses and coaching, she teaches people how to drop the shame, start a powerful sobriety, and (truly) love the “new version” of themselves. 

Unapologetic. Empowered. Shame-free. Recovery is the most transformative human experience. Pamela will teach you how.

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Alyssa Rocco, Expert Life Coach


Instagram @alyssa_coach

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After spending nearly a decade in the biotech industry participating in the launch of two successful life-changing medicines for Cystic Fibrosis and Hepatitis C, she felt like something was missing in her life. After one session with a life coach at Handel Group, she realized she wasn't happy and didn't know how to BE happy.

This realization inspired a journey: Alyssa became a coach, changed careers and embarked on a beautiful transformation of healing her addictions to alcohol, codependency and food through the process of recovery. 

Over the last eight years, she has brought a deep understanding of The Handel Method®, 12 step recovery tools and a M.A. in Organizational Psychology to transform hundreds of lives. She has taught programs at MIT and Columbia University and also managed the launch of Inner.U, Handel Group’s first online coaching course.

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