Preparing for all the feelings

coaching early recovery self compassion transformation Jan 26, 2021
All the feelings


We don’t talk enough about all the feelings that happen in early sobriety. 


I've talked about committing to The Deep Yes, taking a first step, and understanding the elements of "The Work" of recovery (A Program, A Toolkit, A Community). I've also talked a lot about what happens in early recovery: It's not all about managing cravings. It's also about managing the floodgate of emotions that opens up once you're no longer "tapping out" through your substance of choice. 


But that's ok. Knowing what's normal will help you navigate the discomfort. 


At the beginning, recovery will f*ck up your body. You will feel shaky, clammy, out of balance, achy, out-of-your-skin uncomfortable. Stick with it - this is normal. 


At the beginning, recovery will f*ck up your spirit. You will feel devastated. Elated. Sometimes even at the same time. You will love life one hour, detest it the next. Stick with it - this is normal.


But not as often talked about: At the beginning, recovery will f*ck up your mind. You will feel confused, and full of anxiety. You may have a panic attack or two. You will question reality: other people’s and your own. You will be happy one day, and extremely sad the other. Nothing will make sense. You’ll feel like a bipolar octopus on roller-skates. Stick with it - this is normal.


Just as important as it is to prepare for your plan of daily action, is to prepare for your what will happen to your mindset. Being prepared will help you face things as they happen (versus being caught off guard). 


Everything that is felt in early sobriety is overwhelming. You, my baby bird, have to be prepared - and know that IT WILL PASS. Yes, the beginning is rough. But then...


It will allow you to see light where you only saw darkness.


Fire where you felt ashes


Freedom where you felt chains


Stick with it. You are not your feelings. You will survive. You will come out stronger on the other side. 


My 2021 Badass Sobriety Kit has my coaching course, plus my 30-Day Mindset Shift series all about dealing with the feelings that come your way during early addiction. Check out the kit here.


Use your program. Use your tools. Find mentors. Join recovery communities. 


You are worth the journey. 


Keep going.

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