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I talk about my journey on M2 The Rock radio show

ASK: A Documentary on Addiction and Codependency


I know that addiction separates you from your human-ness. It makes your heart beat differently, breaking your connection with the living. Facing your addiction feels like you are going to war with yourself and the world. 

My meditations were created so that you realize that you are not alone. You can slow down, breathe, be present, and keep going. 

My Meditations

Meditations from my Mentors

My communities, mentors and teachers

  • SHE RECOVERS® - SHE RECOVERS is an international movement of self-identified women in or seeking recovery. I am passionate about this community, not just as one of their coaches, but because I witness the profound way in which these magnificent women support each other. Join us in Miami 2020 for our next event!
  • My Recovery and Master Coach, Elizabeth Coker - As my coach and mentor, Elizabeth- my "mama wolf - has helped me find my path back "home" to my heart. She has helped me design possibilities and stay accountable to my soul. Connect with her if you need this powerful coach in your life.
  • Elena Brower - Elena is a mama, author and creator who I'm honored to call a mentor and friend. A mix of kickass-honesty and guru-wisdom, Elena has helped me elevate my practice from the very first day we met. Her meditations and yoga lessons have been a vital part of my recovery and my thriving.
  • Sarah Blondin -Few women have imprinted my soul like Sarah. Her meditations have carried me through the hardest part of my last years: from my divorce, my relapse and other transitions - her words have become my words. It was an honor to meet and thank her in 2018.
  • Russell Brand - You may know Russell Brand as an actor, but his mission to destigmatize recovery through his own story has inspired millions. I love him and highly recommend you check out his documentaries on youtube, as well as his message of hope.
  • High Performance Coaches Lauren and Kelly Roberts -These two warriors believed in me when I did not. They helped me drop old stories, and create new, powerful ones. Their mission is to teach, inspire and empower - follow them for some of that magic ju-ju.
  • Recovery en Espanol -Follow my youtube channel, Sober Mami, for recovery badassery for my Spanish-speaking familia. 

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