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Tool #1: Attend a meeting


  • Alcoholics Anonymous: For those, like me, who prefer a 12-step approach, you can find a meeting here.  Similarly, Narcotics Anonymous has an app to help you find a meeting.
  • In The Rooms online communities: Here, you can join virtual meetings for family members, those in active addiction, those in recovery, and anywhere in between. Start connecting.
  • Refuge Recovery: This recovery approach is influenced by Buddhist philosophy. View online meeting options here.
  • SMART Recovery: Self Management and Recovery Training has over 40 virtual meetings a week. Find one here.
  • SHE RECOVERS: I am a SHE RECOVERS Coach, and we believe everyone is in recovery from something. Online meetings that support all recovery paths can be found here.

Tool #2: Listen to a Coaching Meditation


I made these especially for people who need to hear a "peer" speak their language - and give them a bit of a nudge. Remember, I've been where you are. These are not your regular woo-woo meditations. 

These are part coaching session, part "practical mindshifts" - aimed to grow your path of healing. 

Every time you sit down to listen to one you'll show yourself: you can slow down, breathe, be present, and keep going.

Owning Your Truth in Addiction

In this one, we stand in honesty and take a good look at the pain; a place where there is nothing else to do with shame and fear but lay them down.

Be Your Best Friend

Life after addiction is a tapestry of possibilities, but we need new paths to navigate it. Come back to this meditation as a tool to re-ground yourself.

The Ritual of Recovery

Elena Brower's words, vulnerability and love are present in every word of this masterpiece, which helped me in my own return from relapse into addiction. For more of Elena's magic, visit

Tool #3: Get my free 10 Day Mindset Reset Course

It's important for me to offer free content alongside my paid content. Every morning for ten days, you'll sit down and pop in one of my audio lessons to give you focus for the day ahead, each based on a different recovery pillar.  This series is especially good for those in early recovery or who have recently relapsed. 


Tool #4: Read about recovery

I use my blog like a journal — it's musings on all things addiction, shame, transformation, relapse, hope, and all the other wild-but-beautiful stuff that comes with a life centered around recovery.

Gluing Things Back Together

Mar 12, 2021

The Relapse Formula

Feb 28, 2021

A Vision for Your Future

Feb 17, 2021

Tool #5: Fight off deep cravings


When a deep craving hits, we need immediate steps of action to get ourselves out of that place of anxiety. Download a free PDF booklet with the tools here.

If you're looking for something a little more hands-on, I have a mini audio series for just $60.

When your craving hits, pop in your headphones and focus on my voice until things subside. 


Get the mini series for just $60

Tool #6: Watch Something new


Sometimes you have the urge to just sit in front of the TV. If you have the space for it, swap Netflix for a little YouTube time with one of these excellent recovery-based watches:



Tool #7: Meet some friends of mine


I have a badass network of coaches, mentors, speakers, and recovery specialists. To have a life steeped in recovery, you'll need to surround yourself with the same. Check out one of my friends, below.



Tool #8: Join the Membership and do live calls with podcast hosts Alyssa + Pamela

The "Work" of recovery requires a toolkit. If you're looking for one space for every single tool I've collected or created, look no further than my Membership Hub. 

When a craving hits, when you've had a shitty day, when you start romanticizing your past, when you need to get back in touch with yourself, find the right tool at your fingertips. 

Once a month live calls with Alyssa and Pamela, hosts of the Badass Recovery Podcast. Boom. 

$49 a month gets you all access. Cancel anytime.


Tool #9: Take care of your body

Moving is one of the ways we can stay grounded and in touch with ourselves. It sounds counterintuitive, but exercise will bring you energy. When all else fails: Move for 20 minutes.

  • Personal Coach Roberto Rueda: These online workouts—inspired by Crossfit and other disciplines —can be done using items you already have around the house. Try them here.
  • Yoga with Adrienne: Adrienne has over six million followers on YouTube. Her videos are free to watch and suit both beginners and experienced yogis. Under 10 minute videos here.
  • Free Trials: Take advantage of free trial offers like those at Yoga Works or Sky Ting.


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