Personal Recovery Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than one-on-one mentorship + coaching.

When it comes to your recovery, having me walk with you can change everything.  


Rewire your brain to break the cycle you're stuck in. 


For decades, I tried to quit drinking on my own. In 2009, I finally found recovery through the 12 steps - and for the next five years, I did my program impeccably. I did not obsess about drinking, I felt connected to something bigger than myself, and I was happy-ish. To the naked eye, all was well. 

Except...It was not.

I was sober, yes. But I wrestled daily with a lot of other things: shame, trauma, unhealed stories. I had replaced drinking with codependence, toxic love relationships and a need to feel "whole" through others. I had an incredible sponsor - but I was not honest with her or the world. I repeated cycles and patterns that did not involve drinking - but were just as damaging to me, and those around me. 

Eventually, I drank again. For two long years. Getting sober once more felt impossible. I was completely stuck.

In 2016, I was able to find sobriety again. This time, I vowed I would heal in ways I had not before. This resolve opened up a whole new way of approaching recovery - and introduced me to one of the biggest mentors of my life: Elizabeth, my recovery coach. Working with her was life-changing.  

My sobriety was only the beginning. For the first time ever, I took charge of my life - all of it - with pride and empowerment. With my coach I learned to "come home" to myself - and stepped into an "upgraded" version of myself (which is daily work in progress). 

As a recovery and life coach, I work with people just like you to create this powerful shift and transformation. 

I help you identify the stories underneath the patterns, so we can ditch what's not needed, re-wire your brain and (finally) become the person you came here to be. 

Watch the video below, then connect with me at top or bottom or page, so we can have a call. 

Can't wait. 

xo - P.


How does this work?

Easy. Click below to schedule a time to get on a call with me, at no cost. 

We'll talk for a bit, I will ask you a few questions and we'll discuss goals and timeline. 

I am not a fan of "open-ended timelines". I believe we can achieve deep shifts in a few sessions together, and customize a plan of action based on YOU. 

What my coaching focuses on:

  1. Identifying the "thing" that's keeping you stuck (drinking, toxic relationships, drugs, codependency, etc)
  2. Creating a holistic (mind, body, spirit) plan of action.
  3. Implementing #ownership
  4. Accountability touch-points. 
  5. Customized plan that works for YOU.

Let's get started. Xo - Pamela

Let's re-wire your brain to find sobriety and freedom

I offer different coaching packages, depending on the goal you have and the the timeframe we aim for. Click below to have a chat with me, and see if personal coaching is the right fit for you.