What would life feel like if you weren't constantly at war with yourself?

My virtual coaching course gives you 4+ hours of coaching videos to help release your excuses, shift your mindset, and change your life - for good and all. Will it help you quit drinking? Yes. At the core, it will help you get back in integrity with yourself, so you can start to trust yourself and love your life again (or for the first time). Let's start doing this, together. You know it's time.


You're probably here because you're stuck and have no idea what to do next.

Any of these sound familiar?

  1. You suspect (or know) you have a problem, but can't seem to figure out the "quitting" part.
  2. You used to be sober, but have relapsed (I've been there).
  3. You're sober, but life feels so colorless that frankly, you miss drinking.

I've been in every single one of those stages, I know know how hard they are. You feel like you're at war with yourself — one minute you're determined to quit, the next you're giving yourself a pass. 

Fast forwarding a bit, I also remember when I got sober. As grateful as I was for my new way of living, my sobriety was strange and uncomfortable. It was entirely focused on not drinking, in a ritualistic routine that overwhelmed me almost as much as the old obsessions.

All of those feelings are a million lives away from how I feel today.

Today, I feel fully alive. My days don't revolve around whether I drink or not, but rather the many ways I can "show up" daily. It's all about possibilities.

Yes, I still have crappy days. But even those feel different. Even my worst days in recovery are better than my best drunken days. It's not a cliche, it's my truth. And it can be yours. 

I have a course that teaches you the mindset, path, and tools so you can find your way out of the alcohol (or drug) insanity.

Over four hours of video coaching to help you take a deep breath and finally break the cycle of pain.

I won't ask you if you are ready (because you'll never feel totally ready). Instead, I'll tell you that you are ready. 

Let's start working together, so you can find your way there.


Here's what you'll learn:


Over the course of 12 lessons, we'll discuss the most important foundations: Information, inspiration, and the call to create your personal plan of action.

Sober curious?

You'll learn if you're dealing with an addiction or a toxic habit. We'll explore your best options.

Stuck in addiction?

You'll learn the right next steps to take away all of the uncertainty and overwhelm from this process. You'll create a plan and take the first step to start your new life.

Unhappily sober?

Sobriety on its own is just abstinence, and it sucks. Recovery is a whole other thing, and I can show you how to get there.

Course Modules:

The Badass Coaching Course: $350

The coaching you need to release your excuses (harsh, but true) and make a game plan to finally change your life. I'll be in touch for any questions you have.

Want to start much more powerfully? 

Get the COACHING BUNDLE for $399, which includes this course and TWO more:

My 30-day coaching meditation daily series, and a course to beat the drinking craving.  Transformation, with tons of savings.

Get the 3-Course Bundle

Meet your coach

My recovery from alcohol addiction has been a fantastic journey of personal transformation. It's had its ups and downs (including a long, painful, two-year relapse.) Whatever you're feeling, I've probably felt too.

My mission is to help you ditch the stigma and shame around this process and get a hold over your sober, badass life of freedom. This work is about becoming your own savior, and I can show you how.

No bullshit. Just practical, unfiltered experience to help you create your own path.


Pamela and Charlene smiling together


"Working with you has changed everything in my life. You have a velvet-hammer approach that leaves no room for the b.s. I used to justify my addiction. You taught me about compassion, while holding me accountable. What a game-changer you've been for me."

Thank you. 


Trevor, student & 1:1 coaching client

Pamela and Charlene smiling together

"I watched lesson 2 today (about the "shift") and oh my goodness...It is trickling down into my heart. I need to hear it again, my mind exploded.

I have been in and out of AA for 4 years and never in this time had I heard that sobriety could be so badass and empowering. I thought sobriety was about not drinking, and at best, being "ok" with this lifestyle. The way you present present sobriety is definitely changing the game for me. 

I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time."


- Charlene, student & coaching client

Today is day one. Start now for just $350

You'll never feel totally ready, but if you're here right now, you are.