Let me walk beside you.

Letting go of drinking can feel impossible. 

Loving your new, sober self can feel unattainable. 

But I know you can achieve this, and beyond.

My aim in working one-on-one with you, is to show you a different way of approaching the journey of sobriety and recovery. To help you identify the places where you get in your own way - and create new paths to set you free. Together, we'll craft a journey that's designed for you, and helps you become a YOU that you respect and are proud of.

The goal? Freedom. Serenity. Self-trust. Breaking out of the toxic loop. Being present. Loving who you see in the mirror. Sounds good?

Let's do this.



We'll begin by dropping the shame. 

How many "Day Ones" have you had?

I had a ridiculous amount.

Each "Day One" had a glimmer of hope that this time it would be different. It never was. The shame I felt - at my relapses, at how I acted when I drank, at how I kept "failing" at quitting - became unbearable. Shame became a second skin.  

The more I drank, the more shame I felt. The more shame I felt, the more I drank. 

I was stuck in a toxic loop, with no idea how to break it.  

Have you ever felt like that? 

That's where we'll begin. Dropping the shame so you can finally breathe. 

Let my 13 years on the journey guide you. Let me take your hand and help you stop making the same mistakes I did. Let me help you have your last "Day One". 

We can do this. I know we can. 


"Thank you for your courses and coaching, Pamela. I’m so much more peaceful and confident. My morning routine is solid since last April. Have written a two-way letter literally every morning since 4/24/21, and I haven’t had a drink since then. More importantly, I’m consistently honest with myself and genuinely nurturing my spirit. There still plenty more growth to go but that’s the exciting part, no? "

- Carney M. O'Brian - Student and coaching client 

Recovery is a journey of community and support.

  • When you hire me as your 1:1 mentor, I'm in your back-pocket at all times. We'll work via zoom once a week, and connect via texts between sessions. You will feel supported and guided always.

  • Whether it's getting you sober or adding fire your sobriety, I'll take your hand and help you discover the best path forward - one that works for you.

  • Sobriety is an invitation to discover a completely new person within you. It's also an invitation to connect with new communities. This is a journey you don't want to do alone. The only thing you need? To be willing to grow. 


    It's time to start to live fully.

        With Sarah Blondin and Taryn Strong at SHE RECOVERS L.A.




I meet with my clients one hour a week (via zoom).

The first meeting is to understand where you are at. We’ll get to know each other a bit and I'll ask you questions that will help me design a plan of action for you.

I don’t do any formulaic coaching – I develop customized plans for each client.

As your mentor, my job is to help you get out of your own way; to help you shift; to help you find a new way - one that works.

In between sessions I'll recommend books, podcasts, and whatever I'm called to bring into your journey.  I'll make myself available to you via text, so you can reach out with any questions you may have. I'm basically in your back pocket at all times.

In most cases I meet with my clients once a week for about 6 weeks (6 sessions).

After that, we meet every couple of weeks, or even once a month.

There are no commitments, you decide if this is working for you or not - and can cancel anytime (although my clients have incredible shifts that keep them coming back - some for years).

The goal of our journey together?

To empower you and give you the tools you need to find a sobriety that is transformational.

To help you discover a sober, new version of YOU that you can feel proud of, and love fully. 

Fourteen years on the journey of recovery.

A decade and a half in this journey means I´ve been in all the places: the dark and the light. From a relapse that felt impossible to survive - to speaking about recovery in front of hundreds of women. I´ve been in every point of the path. I get it. I know how it feels to be stuck and to be free. 

When we need help with alcohol, many people are available to help: Therapists, behavioral specialists, counselors, family, friends. However, no matter how prepared a person may be, if they have not lived the clutch of a craving, the angst of a bender or the hopelessness of the day after - they may not get you. They may not understand your thinking, your acting, your shame and fears. I do. 

That is why I can help. I´ve been where you are, and I know they way out.

I believe in clarity, integrity and compassion. I believe in a shame-free but action-full journey that's unique to you. No matter where you are on the path, I will meet you there.

My job is not to convince you. Only you can do this. I will say it again:

We can do this. I know we can. 



Sobriety is just the beginning...

"Despite getting sober a few years ago, I felt something was missing. I was worried I was headed towards a drink, not away from one. About 2 years ago, I found a reference to a "sober badass" that caught my attention. That's how I met Pamela.

Pamela made me realize growth wasn't about just not drinking - but changing my thought process to grow as a person and reach my real goals. Through what she calls "project Pete" I'm on a new path. I've found a new strength that keeps me sober, and makes me feel like a better man.

Muchas gracias, Pamela"

- Peter Stone - Coaching client (3 years and counting).