All of my best recovery tools,
plus live monthly coaching and community,
all in one place. Boom.



The WORK of recovery requires a toolkit + badass mentorship. 


When a craving hits, when you've had a shitty day, when you start "romancing the drink", when you need a fresh perspective, when you need to get back in touch with yourself, you open that toolkit. This membership is exactly where to find that.

I created an incredible course for those who need to take that first step and change their lives.

But I realized I also needed a virtual home base to house the huge number of tools I've created in my time as a coach.

Enter: The My Badass Recovery Membership hub.

This is the place for finding your toolkit + connection.


Dozens of
Tools - all here


A curated selection of recovery tools (including coaching videos, interviews, PDFs, and meditations) to help you stay centered in your recovery and get you through difficult moments. This is just the beginning, baby.

Monthly Live Calls

Love our podcast?

Each month, join me and Alyssa Rocco, my badass partner in crime for monthly live calls where we'll tackle your questions. You'll also have access to recordings of each call if you can't catch them live. 

24/7 online


Your membership hub is available at all times (there's even a mobile app!) to find the right tool at the right moment. As a member, you have access to me online. Email me & let me know you're a member and I will reply asap.

GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW (cancel anytime)

Here's how it works:

  • Become a member ($49 a month, cancel anytime) and get a login to the members area.
  • Go through the video content, organized by where you need to focus your energy — on mind, body, or spirit.
  • Access meditations, journaling pdf's and even recovery documentaries.
  • Join a private FB group to discuss topics, connect with peers and chat with me.

And (drumroll, please...)

Have you heard the Badass Recovery Podcast? Sweet!

Now, join the Membership to catch monthly live calls with me and Expert Life Coach Alyssa Rocco as we answer your questions and delve into the big topics on recovery and transformation.

These aren't one and done tools. It's a set you can revisit and rely on as a regular part of your recovery journey. It's a beautiful way to start.


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Your online recovery sanctuary for all things badass.

Hours of content and live monthly coaching. 

Just $49 a month.