A full set of recovery tools, all in one place. 

The Badass Recovery Membership, which I've affectionately named F-Bombs and Coffee, gives you access to some of the best resources I've ever created, organized by stages of the recovery journey.


I love drinking espresso over fabulous, unfiltered, badass recovery conversation.


If I could travel to where you are, I would  curl up with a hot pot of coffee, and chat with you about all the parts about my journey : How I realized I had a problem with drinking; how I went about getting better (I made a lot of false-starts); how I got sober (and was miserable); how I relapsed (ouch) and how I finally found a formula that got me not just sober - but thriving and free. 

Sadly, i can't travel to where you are right now. 

So I created a monthly membership for you and I to "sit down" and chat. 

Here is how it works:

  • Become a member ($15 a month, cancel anytime)
  • Go through the video content, organized by where you are on the process (trying to get sober or trying to badass sobriety )
  • Access meditations, journaling pdf's and even recovery documentaries. There are more than 20 videos in this place!
  • Drop me comments on the modules with questions or insights, for online coaching
  • Log on to our monthly live calls (via zoom) and drink coffee (or tea!) with me. 

This membership is a hub of videos, audios, meditations, interviews, downloads. For $15 a month. 

It's f*cking fabulous. I've killed your excuses to not join today. 

Click below to watch a video that tells you more. 

Mucho love, Pamela


20+ Coaching Videos

A curated selection of sobriety + recovery coaching videos to meet you wherever you're at in your journey.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Ask questions, connect with community, and talk transformation with me during monthly live zoom coaching calls.

All Access

The membership hub (plus all past live Q&A sessions!) is available on all of your devices including a mobile app 24/7. 

Is this membership for you?


This membership is right for you if:

  • You are stuck in a toxic habit and can't "figure it out"
  • You are wondering if you may have an addiction
  • You know you struggle with addiction - and you want out
  • You are already sober, but feeling meh about it

It's for anyone in between, anywhere on the spectrum of recovery. We all need a toolkit if we're going to live not just sober, but in recovery

Best yet, the content will grow every month with live calls with you, and Q&A. Keep your eye on your email for details on how to be part of the conversation.

Let's sip our coffee and rock the f-out of this recovery thing, shall we?

Mucho love,

An image of Pamela


Stop waiting to "be ready."

You are never going to feel ready. 

It's not my job to convince you. Deep down, you know it's time.

All access to 20+ coaching videos, downloads, and monthly Q&A sessions.

Just $15 a month.

Let's go.